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What we can offer

As someone who has dealt with dyslexia throughout my life and has 25 years of industry experience, I am well-equipped to suggest adjustments that could make your space more accessible for individuals with neurodiverse differences. This includes analyzing printed and online materials within your public or business space, as well as reviewing your processes such as forms. Additionally, I can provide advice on changes that can be made to office spaces to benefit all employees.

After conducting our analysis, we will provide a comprehensive report containing bespoke recommendations that fit within your budget. According to a survey of US employers, 59% of neurodiverse accessible changes cost nothing and benefit everyone. We will also conduct a post-change review and provide a certificate that shows your space is now more neurodiverse friendly.

In addition to our accessibility services, we can also assist you with employee training, specifically neurodiversity awareness training. As Bill Gates once said, “We all need people that give us feedback, that is how we improve.” It is my goal to provide effective feedback and solutions to improve your space and create a more inclusive environment for all.

A certificate showing completion of the Be accessible service

Please get in contact if you’d like us to help your organisation.

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